Congratulations on your leadership role!

I know how excited you feel about this new chapter of your life. And you totally should!
Very few have the moxie to achieve what you have. I'm so rooting for you:)

I also know, from personal experience as a young CEO, exactly what you're up against.

You're probably feeling anxiety about:

making a good impression with your board, staff, donors, investors and the community

dealing with change management and where to even start

the mile-long list of tasks left undone by the last CEO (oh...and now, they're urgent;)

understanding the pecking order and priorities of your new team


Hey there! I'm Hayley Collins.

I'm an executive coach and consultant. But before that, I was on the fast track in corporate America for five years—including leveling up through the ranks of a prominent national insurance company to become the youngest regional supervisor—leading a team of over 150. 

I decided to use the skills I gained in that chapter of my career to make an even bigger impact in the non-profit sector. I worked in the non-profit world for over seven years before rising to the CEO role for a children’s advocacy center.

Like you, I love challenging work. But as you know—burnout is fierce.

When I held my executive director and CEO roles, I wish I'd had someone to turn to. An experienced guide who could've helped me navigate my very particular hurdles as a young, female leader.

Now I help women who are wearing the same CEO stilettos I was. While my learning curve was steep, yours doesn't have to be. I can help you figure out all the moving parts of your new situation so you can not only be the leader you've always dreamed of, but truly love it AND be seriously good at it.


Some of the challenges we can face together, head-on, in your strategy session day:

(of course, we'll identify your unique priorities at the start of your session)


➤ How to be seen & operate like a leader & how to interact with your new staff

➤ What to do at board meetings

➤ How to effectively prioritize your time

➤ What it takes to move the office culture needle

➤ How to get your key stakeholders on board with your vision

➤ How to get your staff on board with your goals

➤ How to create buy-in & a sense of urgency

➤ When to hire a consultant

➤ How to deal with pay negotiations

➤ How to help your managers be better managers

➤ When to invest in yourself & your team & when not to

➤ How to get your board up-to-date on their role vs. your role

➤ How to carve out necessary time to be visionary

➤ How to build the know/like/trust factor with your stakeholders

➤ How to & when to be firm

➤ How to actually ENJOY your leadership role & not burn the candle at both ends

➤ How to deal with total manipulation & passive aggression

➤ How to deal with threatened law suits

➤ How to bring your own sense of joy & purpose into the workplace

➤ How to set boundaries so that you don’t feel that you have to be ‘on’ all of the time



During your deep dive strategy session, we'll dig into everything you need to know as a new CEO.

We'll tackle big picture planning and I'll help you understand all the subtleties that can make or break how your team perceives you.

You'll leave your session with a 3-month action plan and a serious jolt to your confidence.

Your new perspective, knowledge, and strategy map will keep you focused on what matters and savvy enough to implement.

Two weeks later, we'll meet via phone for one hour. I'll check in on what you've completed and help you iron out any remaining kinks.

Your CEO poise and authority will feel reinforced.

If you know the next three months are too damn important to fly by the seat of your skirt.

If you want to be a kind, smart, take-no-shit leader who gets her boundaries firmly rooted right up-front.

If you know that you can have success without selling your soul (but aren't sure how, exactly)...

Then, my fellow CEO sister, you're going to love this.