The Importance of Acceptance and Letting Go In Leadership

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I know you. You’re a Type-A Control Freak who owns that title. It’s what made you stand out when you first started at the company. It’s what made others recognize your potential and say “she’s going places”. It’s what helped you to climb the ladder and what got you the job of CEO.

It’s that persistence.
That control.
That never letting go.
That drive of competition.
That not accepting until it’s done.

When you’re a leader, you’re constantly being bombarded with different things that are vying for your attention. It may seem that people love tossing things at you, and your to do list is five hundred pages long. Before you check off five items, you seem to have added twenty more. Paired with the constant stream of emails, phone calls, and meetings, you can physically feel your energy being drained and pulling into multiple directions.

You’re left thinking, “How am I ever going to get ahead?

The key is this: Acceptance and Letting Go


Accept that you will always have a running to do list if you are an effective CEO. Our culture tends to view long to do lists in a negative light, but this is actually a sign that you are thinking about the problems that your organization faces and working to find solutions. As long as the tasks are aligned with the vision you have for the company, and you are prioritizing these tasks correctly, there is no reason to fear the to do list. Accept that it is a tool that will help you accomplish the vision for your organization.


Just as you must be willing to accept certain aspects of your role as a CEO, you must also be willing to let things go. If you’ve taken my Leadership Style Quiz, you know there are certain strengths and weaknesses that are at play within your leadership style that may be helping (and hurting) your success. If you’re a Taskmaster, you get a rush from checking off each item on your to do list and are addicted to the feeling of accomplishment that comes from each check mark. Letting go of that addiction and need for instant gratification is hard, but the spaciousness within your schedule and mind will allow you to be more creative with your problem solving and more fully thrive in your role as CEO.

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