Expansion vs. Contraction

Expansion vs. Contraction | Hayley Collins Coaching www.hayleycollinscoaching.com

If you frequent a lot of the online entrepreneurial circles, you’ve likely heard talk about “expansion” and “contraction”.


What is Expansion?

When it comes from this place of spaciousness, you feel a sense of being grounded and centered, and things feel right. People often say it feels like the decision comes from your gut, some people say that God helped them make the decision, and others thank The Universe.

It feels good - your energy and everything about you is feeling good and in alignment. As a leader, this means that you are happier, making wiser decisions, and coming from a place that is authentic to you.

When you feel this, you know you are on the right path.


When you go into Contraction mode, you can physically feel it. You can feel your body go inward.

You feel like you’re contracting because you should or because you have to.

Don’t get me wrong: as a leader (and as a human in general), there are some decisions we just have to make whether we like it or not. There are things that will make us shrink, or make us feel uncomfortable.

But it’s important to take note of that feeling. What it’s like physically, and how that decision unfolds to us personally.

Does it feel authentic and genuine?

Take note of how much you can tap into your creativity when you follow that feeling of expansion. See how expansion and flow is often associated with the feminine energy.

Notice when you’re making decisions and all these feelings of fear, pressure, and panic start to arise.

Notice how they affect you as a person, and as a leader of your team.

Remember that you are a whole person...you just happen to be a leader as well.

I encourage you to think about this as you go through your day - are you expanding or contracting?

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