How to Organize Your Day for Maximum Productivity

There’s no way around it… you have to be organized if you want to remain productive. Especially as a CEO! There are so many things on your proverbial plate, so you have to be cognizant of how you organize your day. Below are 3 steps you can take towards become a more efficient, less stressed, CEO badass!

Step 1 - Write down your top three priorities.

Most people can only maintain about three mental objects at a given time, and you need to know when you start the day which items must get completed that day. Hopefully, you will complete more than this, but you are likely to spend some of the day putting out fires, and also convincing your team members which issues are not in fact emergencies, so that they can be dealt with through normal processes.

At the end of the day, check in with yourself.

Did you complete all three? If not, what can you do to make time for these top priorities the next day? If you did, you should feel great. Leadership can feel like a vast, never-ending landscape of needs and responsibility, but breaking down your priorities into smaller pieces helps you make progress where it is most urgent while you build confidence.


Step 2 - Create boundaries for your space and time.

Open office hours and walk-in privileges can help foster open communication, but remember to keep this in moderation. This will help you to make time for self-care and for your identified priorities. Defining closed-door periods when direct reports and others may not walk in with questions or greetings, while switching off phone and desktop alerts, helps create the mental space you need to stay on top of your work and your mental health.

Boundaries are just as important, and perhaps more so, for your supervisor(s) or your board of directors. Many of these folks can think of interesting and useful tasks, but if they are buying in, they need to help with the workload. At the start of any new role, it is critical to be firm and respectful of your boundaries. While you can and should adjust these boundaries over time, your resentment might build quickly, and the expectations others have for you will calcify quickly.

Step 3 - Step away from your work periodically.

Go on a 15 minute walk, chat with a colleague, have a snack, go get a coffee or tea, meditate, stretch, or write down the things that you are grateful for today. You would never go to the gym and workout for 4 hours, munch on an energy bar through a mid-day yoga course (heard of the working lunch?), and then go back to the weights for another 4 hours. Your left brain needs a break to operate in top form, so turn it off and try a non-intellectual activity when you have time throughout the day.

Figure out how you want to feel each day and take a cue from Danielle Laporte. Your actions will follow your feelings. Your feelings will follow your actions.

Priorities, boundaries and routine self care will lead to a happier, healthier YOU!

Do you have a favorite productivity tip to share? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Hayley Collins

is a coach, consultant, and CEO who helps millennial women step into the CEO role of any organization with strategy, skill, and unstoppable self-confidence. She works with her female clients in 1x1 sessions, group programs, and The Millennial CEO Bootcamp™—to seriously shortcut their learning curve and ramp up their leadership skills!

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