Setting Healthy Boundaries as a CEO

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You have a big vision, goals and priorities but the only way you are going to accomplish them all is to create strong boundaries. 

No doubt you are very familiar with boundaries, both yours and others, but how often do you let your boundaries slide because…

  1. you are concerned how someone might feel if you don’t do X for them right now
  2. you are worried that if you don’t complete or work on X project or task right now, you will have to confront your board members about how the project is still not complete at the upcoming board meeting
  3. you are simply tired of saying NO all of the time
  4. you have massive decision fatigue. You have nothing left. No neurons left in your brain to make any sort of decision, not to mention stick to your boundaries, so you just deal with the crises as they come up and let those consume your days (because there are so many of them!)
  5. you have so much on your plate at all times, and no matter how many boundaries you have, you will inevitably disappoint someone (especially yourself because you are an optimist, driven and have extremely high expectations on yourself)

Do any of these sound familiar?

If so, you are probably struggling to stick to your boundaries which means you are having a rough time actually getting the things that are most impactful for you and your business accomplished. So, how do you actually set strong boundaries, stick to them and find time for yourself? It seems an impossible task for any CEO, but I promise that you can accomplish more with less.

If you want to learn how, join my Rock Your Leadership FREE 5-Day Challenge. We started this week, but there's still time to join! We will be talking all about how to get one more hour out of your day to accomplish more (for you and for your business) by setting healthy boundaries that you can actually stick to.

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