How do you become a successful, effective and empowered leader? How do you lead without burning out? How do you manage a growing team and business while balancing your health, wellness and mindset? And, what about all of the other skills you are supposed to have an in-depth understanding of? 

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These are only some of the many questions

Executive Coach and Consultant, Hayley Collins, dives into on the Hear Her Roar™ Podcast. Featuring insights and advice from other thought-leaders, and industry experts, Hayley's expertise is in helping female executives and entrepreneurs thrive holistically and with ambition, purpose and clarity while making a positive impact in the world. 

This is the space for us to crack open ourselves, hear the conversations that we crave, dive deep into our struggles and have soulful conversations about what real life really requires. The time is now. It is time to reclaim our innate and communal wisdom. It is time to step into our power. It is time to Hear Her Roar™!


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The Hear Her ROAR™ Process helps women step into their leadership role in life or business. Based on Hayley’s personal experience and her work with clients, she began seeing a pattern. Women were consistently coming to her for leadership and business coaching and strategy, but were totally burnt out. Entrepreneurs, nonprofit and business leaders and any ambitious lady alike were all experiencing the same issues. No matter if they were creating they were creating their own business or working for a business. And, it became clear that these patterns are not isolated to women in business.  In order to climb the ladder, women starting losing their voice.


Through the Hear Her ROAR™ system, we focus on how to build a life, not just a career that you really want.


To do this work, we deep dive into what makes your tick, what lights you up, what stirs your soul, what feels like a should, and how to actually implement this all in your daily life and career. We give you tips and strategies that you can use immediately to help you go from burnout to sustained vibrancy.


The Hear Her ROAR™ system will….

R- (Rejuvenate)  -- Months 1-3

  1. Yoga/Movement

  2. Infusion of self-care practices

  3. Dreams- life and career

  4. Goals- life and career

  5. Wheel of life

O (Origins) -- Months 3-6

  1. Purpose

  2. What has gotten in your way in the past?

  3. Where do you want your business to be?

  4. Who are you really? Who do you want to be?

  5. Value mining- life and career

A- (Align) -- Months 6-9

  1. What needs to change? How?

  2. Stick-to-it-ness.

  3. Implementing new habits, routines, practices.

  4. How to get to where you want to be.

  5. How to find what really feels good.

R- (Radiate) --Months 9-12

  1. Boundaries

  2. Daily habit plan

  3. Life Plan

  4. Business Plan

  5. Implementing purpose.


Hear Her ROAR™ Membership Site

Discover the Hear Her ROAR™ membership site... for women who want to be take control of their lives. They may be entrepreneurs, CEOs, just starting in their career, or starting again. They may be ‘soccer moms’, single, partnered, LGBTQIA, activists, no interest in ever being a mom, driven, quiet, outgoing.


They may be millennials, gen x-ers or baby boomers.


They may be just beginning their personal development journey or steeped in it for years. They may be liberal or conservative. They may be learning how to heal from a chronic illness or extremely healthy. But what we have in common is a united wisdom - a wisdom that is all too often neglected, forgotten, forsaken or simply not shared. We are striving for our best lives, our most authentic lives, our most fulfilling lives. We are survivors. We are resilient. We are wise. Together, we are better. Together, we are stronger. Together, we build each other up, teach each other, and praise each other.


Its time to rise up. Its time to shine.


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