Personalized, one-on-one coaching for leaders who are determined to avoid burnout.

I'll help you reclaim your style of leadership, redefine your version of success, and learn to structure your time and team in ways that support you all. Because you truly don't need to lose yourself to succeed!


"Before working with you, I was having trouble making time for business development, marketing, and strategic thinking. You've helped me define and organize my priorities and have also helped me be more purposeful, intentional, and focused in how I use my time."


Does this sound like you?

"I struggle having honest conversations with my employees. I tend to be a people pleaser and often tell them what they want to hear."

"I feel like an imposter."

"It's hard to know when to make firm decisions and when to ask for input."

If so, you're not alone. (Even though it probably seems that way).

When you're a millennial woman leading a team, who can you turn to?

 Sharing your struggles with fellow leaders, board members, employees, a partner, a friend, or a former colleague can feel so vulnerable—like you're exposing your rawest insecurities.

The reality is...

Female millennial leaders have very specific challenges and most executive coaching, blog tips, and traditional business advice just skim the surface.


Hey there! I'm Hayley Collins.

I'm an executive coach and consultant. But before that, I was on the fast track in corporate America for five years—including leveling up through the ranks of a prominent national insurance company to become the youngest regional supervisor—leading a team of over 150. 

I decided to use the skills I gained in that chapter of my career to make an even bigger impact in the non-profit sector. I worked in the non-profit world for over seven years before rising to the CEO role for a children’s advocacy center.

Like you, I love challenging work. But as you know—burnout is fierce.

When I held my executive director and CEO roles, I wish I'd had someone to turn to. An experienced guide who could've helped me navigate my very particular hurdles as a young, female leader.

Now I help women who are wearing the same CEO stilettos I was. While my learning curve was steep, yours doesn't have to be. I can help you figure out all the moving parts of your situation so you can not only be the leader you've always dreamed of, but truly love it AND be seriously good at it.


It breaks my heart when I see capable women worn out, defeated, overwhelmed, anxious, exhausted, and unsure of themselves.

When they wonder how long until they completely snap from the stress of their responsibilities.
Or secretly fear that someone is going to realize they have no idea what they're doing.
Or daydream about quitting and derailing their career path...the one they used to love.

If you're shaking your head, YES! Oh my god YES!

Then you will LOVE my 1:1 coaching plan.


"Hayley asks all the right questions and helped me see things about my situations that changed my perspective and unblocked me from movement. On top of that, she wasn’t afraid to call me on 'my stuff.' In coaching, to me, that’s important."



How would it feel if you were relaxed and sure about your decisions?
If board presentations were a little exciting?
If you exuded poise and calm when initiating tricky conversations?
If your evenings and weekends were free for the fun things you love?
If you you felt connected with and revered by your team?


Can you imagine the happiness and fulfillment that would be a natural part of your life if you felt like an excellent CEO? One who knows how to rally, lead, and navigate without pushing herself to overwhelming extremes?


My friend, it is totally possible.

Let's work together for four months and I'll show you how.


What's Included:

Three 60-minute calls every month—leader to leader—to tackle the biggest issues you are facing.

Me. On speed dial between calls via Voxer— just in case there are any impromptu fires to put out.

Strategy, action plans, and assessments to support you with the tactical side of being a young CEO.

Four months of strategic and technical support along with personal development and self-awareness practices to help you create a strong foundation of faith in yourself.


My clients consider me their on-call coach, consultant, mentor, cheerleader, shoulder to cry on, friend to vent to, yoga teacher, woo-woo explorer, and overall builder of balance in every area of their lives.

How much will staying stuck, spinning your wheels end up costing you?

If you don't have a plan for how to deal with bullies, how to deal with manipulation, how to deal with passive aggression, how to deal with people who threaten law suits, how to deal with terrible communicators, or how to deal up some strong boundaries so you can bring your personal sense of joy and purpose into the office...

then click this button and let's chat.